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Entreprenising gets to the heart of your business’ problems and challenges, whether that’s people, budgets or processes.

Pamela utilises a variety of activities that allow us to dig deep into your business and get to the root cause of your struggles, with solutions personalised to your unique business circumstances to resolve these pains. 


Business Journey



Marketing Strategy Review

Business Goal Mapping

Resources Health Check

Team Performance


Personal Journey

Life Map

Personal Behaviour Patterns




All About You...



Often the case is businesses reach out to Pamela through a shared connection or with knowledge of her extensive business background and tell her about a problem in their business. It is typical that this turns out to be a symptom of another problem that has gone unnoticed but is having ripple effects across the organisation, team morale and productivity. Entreprenising's Business Scrutiny exercise identifies all such issues and will form the baseline for working together with you to overcome such hurdles.



Pamela is passionate about supporting the people in your business - at all levels. By listening to concerns and identifying trends within your team, Pamela can delve into deeper, often more problematic and wide-reaching operational issues that once solved can revolutionise your business. Pamela has a number of tools and activities under her belt to identify and resolve people-related issues within your business, Entreprenising is ideally-placed to coach and mentor your North East business to success.



Once Entreprenising is engrained in your business and has been aligned with your business objectives and all that comes with reaching these goals, Pamela will support you with anything from top-level guidance to in-depth exercises and activities, such as managing people, company restructuring, or budget forecasting. Whatever your biggest challenge is, Pamela Petty at Entreprenising is on hand to support you through it with success in mind…

Do you need Entreprenising’s support? 

If you think Pamela Petty’s expertise may help you through a current issue within your organisation, contact her now using the button below, to open up the conversation - you’ll be surprised where your business could end up as a result...

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